Category theory for programmers (part 2)

Instructor: Bartosz Milewski

This is a 10-week in-person course taking place in Seattle, WA, United States.

This class will follow and expand upon Bartosz Milewski's blog. There will be lots of diagrams and programming on the whiteboard!

In Bartosz's own words:

I got the crazy idea, around 2014, to write a book about category theory for programmers. Mind you, not computer scientists but programmers—engineers rather than scientists. The idea evolved into a blog, and now into a course. I can't deny that there is a huge gap between science and engineering, because I have worked on both sides of the divide. But I've always felt a very strong compulsion to explain things. I have tremendous admiration for Richard Feynman who was the master of simple explanations. I know I'm no Feynman, but I will try my best.

To follow the course you don't need to know a lot of computer science or mathematics but you will need to be an experienced programmer. You should know what generic programming and polymorphism are.